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Forget the TV, go and see a show!

by KatieP

Have you ever been to see a musical? The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, Mamma Mia and We Will Rock You are some of the famous musicals showing in London, the capital city of England.

I have found that people seem to either really love them or really hate them but personally I love musicals! The tickets for musicals can be really expensive and cost between thirty pounds to two hundred pounds for one so it is important that you think you will enjoy the show before buying a ticket.

I have seen the Lion King, Billy Eliot and Warhorse in London and I really enjoyed them so I decided to look out for some tickets during my stay in Germany. Hamburg, a big city in the north of Germany, is quite famous for its musicals so I decided to get tickets for their Lion King, “Der König der Löwen”. It is a very popular story in England even though there is a really sad part in the middle.

The experience in Hamburg was completely different than when I went in London as we had to get onto a boat to go across the river to go to the concert hall. It was a big yellow building which was all lit up so it looked great and I was really looking forward to the show.

The performance itself was really fantastic with all the actors and actresses dressed up in different costumes to look like all the different animals. The animals often looked very realistic and there were lots of different types of animals including giraffes, hippos, elephants, hyenas as well as the lions. My favourite were the zebras as I thought it was really clever how the actors used their own legs as the back legs of the animal. They then wore a costume on their front so that it looked like they had four legs altogether. It is done so cleverly and I sat in awe for many of the scenes throughout the show.

I am not a very good singer or dancer myself so I really think it is amazing when I can see and hear other people who can sing and dance really well and I was left speechless at the end. If you are ever in London or Hamburg and fancy seeing the show, I would very highly recommend it!

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