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Four series to watch on Netflix

by MeganBlogger

Looking for something to watch on Netflix? Check out these four series!

Terrace House

Terrace House is the show I’m totally obsessed with at the moment. There are currently three series available to watch on Netflix: Terrace House: Boys and Girls in the City (seasons 1 and 2) and Terrace House: Aloha State. It’s an unscripted Japanese reality TV programme that follows the lives of six young people living in a shared house. Whilst it’s more toned down than British reality shows like Big Brother, there are still conflicts and tensions that make it interesting.


Love is a romantic comedy set in Los Angeles, California. Mickey, a cool, outspoken radio producer and Gus, a goofy aspiring screenwriter, are both unlucky in love. We watch how their old relationships fall apart and how new exciting ones form. These loveable main characters and their mishaps make it easy and fun watching.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

A Series of Unfortunate Events is a series based on the popular books by Lemony Snicket, which stars Neil Patrick Harris (Barney) from How I Met Your Mother as the infamous Count Olaf. It’s funny, clever and the quirky style makes it a must-see.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

In Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rebecca Bunch moves from New York all the way to Los Angeles for her childhood sweetheart, Josh, who has no idea she’s in love with him. Watching Rebecca and her new work friend Paula scheme to make Josh fall in love is hilarious and cringe-worthy. I was surprised that I ended up loving this series as it combines musical and rom-com genres. I don’t usually like musicals, but the songs in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are clever and very funny. 

Note from editor: The series on this list are the blogger's personal selection.

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Do you watch programmes online or on television? What are your favourite series?

Submitted by Tolis5 on Wed, 07/21/2021 - 10:11

I love Netflix!I haven't watched these series yet,but I will
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Submitted by samoiset on Sat, 01/11/2020 - 11:28

i never watch netflix
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Submitted by empty on Mon, 06/24/2019 - 08:50

Hello everyone ! I love Netflix !

Submitted by Schoffstai73 on Wed, 01/02/2019 - 04:14

Good to know about this. I would also like to add shows by Andy Yeatman to the watch list because the content is superb and very entertaining.
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