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The question "Who is your hero?" is a difficult one to answer; so many people have done heroic things that it is hard to choose just one. In addition, there isn't just one type of hero; there are many. 

First of all, we have heroes in popular culture: in books, films and cartoons, to name a few. Superman and Batman are two well-known comic-book heroes; the latter of the two has no superpowers, and instead has to rely on his own skills. Many of us are familiar with James Bond (also known as 007), the British spy invented by Ian Fleming. Each Disney story has a hero or heroine: Rapunzel in Tangled, Merida in Brave and Elsa in Frozen, for example. Lots of young children will often have a fictional character as their hero: someone they aspire to be like when they grow up.

Of course, there are also many people who are known around the world for their heroic deeds. People like Nelson Mandela, Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King are all considered to be heroes. Each of them fought for a cause and achieved results, without resorting to violence. These people were brave, courageous and loyal to their people. Many British people regard Winston Churchill as a hero, as he consistently fought the Nazi regime and kept Britain free from invasion. Abraham Lincoln, a former American president, put an end to slavery and is consequently remembered as a hero. There are some lesser-known heroes, such as Oskar Schindler who saved the lives of thousands of Jews during the Holocaust.

Last, but by no means least, there are the unsung heroes. These are the people who do good things constantly - yet tend not to receive praise for their actions. Think about your mother, your father, your family. They support you and believe in you; they help you to achieve your dreams. Unsung heroes are everywhere - teachers, firemen, police officers, soldiers, doctors. 

Heroes all have some qualities in common. A hero (or heroine) is someone who does something for the benefit of society and does not seek a reward for his or her actions. Heroes are compassionate, empathetic (this means they understand others' feelings), strong-willed and driven to succeed. They often have to overcome obstacles to achieve their dreams.

Lots of films have been produced to document the lives of certain people who are considered to be heroes, for example: Selma (2015, about Martin Luther King), Gandhi (1982, about Mohandas Gandhi), Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (2013, about Nelson Mandela) and Lincoln (2012, about Abraham Lincoln).

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Who is your hero? 

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My heroes are my parents, they're always with me and are helping me, when I'm sad or frustrated. One more of my heroes is Mickey Mouse, I like his views on things, and how he always gets people to smile, I want to be exactly like him.
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