Wednesday, 20 April, 2016 - 13:58

My first music festival in France

by CatrionaL

It is the end of the school holidays where I am posted as a language assistant in France. I spent most of the holidays travelling round France and I spent the last couple of days at a music festival in Bourges a city close by to where I live.

The music festival was called ‘Printemps de Bourges’ which means springtime in Bourges in English. This music festival takes place every year during the April school holidays. This was the first music festival I have been to in France and it was great. It was very different from any music festivals I have been to in England that are normally in muddy fields where it rains! This music festival was in a big sports arena that was transformed into a concert venue for the week.

The favourite act that I saw was Mika, he produced a lot of music when I was a teenager so it was great to relive some happy memories from when I was younger. Mika is half French and his music is in French and English, all of his songs are very upbeat and happy, they are great to dance to! Another act that I enjoyed seeing was ‘Maitre Gims’ who is a French rapper. I do not normally listen to his type of music, but he created a great atmosphere and drowned out the arena with his catchy and loud songs. The music festival was full of young and old people, it was great to see such a varied audience. Music festivals in the UK are normally attended by young adults.

The day after the music festival I woke up exhausted from all the dancing and I was also still covered in glitter which one of the acts had sprayed at the audience during their performance. I am very glad that I got to experience a French music festival and it is definitely in my top ten best experiences of things I have done in France. There were lots of different types of music at the festival and it was great to listen to new music and experience another side of French culture.

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What type of music and concerts do you like?

Submitted by Geopat on Mon, 09/17/2018 - 23:53

Well, I love rap music, and my favorite singer is Nicki Minaj, but I have never been to any concert yet, and I don't think I could meet her some day. Maybe when I get older.
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