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by TeresaC

It’s getting closer and closer to Christmas, and that means just one thing...it’s nearly pantomime season again! Pantomime is a comedy theatre performance in England where actors perform a fairy tale with a comic twist. It is especially popular with children, although many adults love it too! Pantomime involves a lot of fancy dress, singing, bad jokes, and cross-dressing (men dressed as women, or women dressed as men!) The reason I love pantomime so much is because the audience plays as much a part as the actors! During the show, they must: - Shout out catchphrases such as ‘He’s behind you!’, ‘Oh yes it is!’ (in reply to) ‘oh no it isn’t!’ - ‘Boo’ the villain - Support the hero - Sing - sometimes children are invited to go onto stage to sing along with members of the cast! Songs are usually well-known, but sometimes the lyrics are changed to make them funnier! Last year, I saw a pantomime performance of ‘Peter Pan’, which was fantastic! This year, at Christmas, I am going to see ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’ with my family!
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Have you heard of pantomime before? Do you like going to the theatre? Or do you like acting and performing?
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I haven't heard about pantomime before and I don't really like going to the theatre. I'd prefer cinema.
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