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by BlakeS

It was my birthday recently, and I was very lucky to get some nice presents. Actually, my favourite presents were what you would call ‘retro’ – things from the past which might seem a bit outdated or old-fashioned today. Let me explain. When I was 10 years old, I got my first video game console: a Nintendo 64. Many years have passed since those days and there are lots of newer games consoles around. Yet I still enjoy playing on my N64. For my recent birthday, my sister got me a racing game for the Nintendo 64, one that I have always wanted to play. It was a great surprise present! The game was made in 1998, but even though the graphics are not very good compared to today’s standards, I enjoy playing the N64 because it reminds me of being a child again. I think the simplistic graphics can be quite charming.

Another cool present was a vinyl record. Do you know what a record is? It’s a large, black, circular disc that can play music. My favourite genre of music is British electronic and rock music from the 1980s. Vinyl records were popular during the 80s, as this was a time before music CDs! It’s really nice to have an original record of my favourite bands. Fortunately my parents have kept a record player so I can listen to the music. I really enjoy playing vinyl records because it’s a lot more fun than listening to a CD. You have to carefully place the record on the record player. Then you put the needle on the record, which will read the music. When you start the record player, the vinyl record starts spinning and the music comes booming out! It’s an exciting process. You also have to flip the record over half way through, so you can listen to the other side. In case you want to listen to any 1980s music, let me recommend a few bands. ‘Queen’ is a very well-known British rock band. My favourite band is called the ‘Electric Light Orchestra’.

Of course, I do appreciate 21st century conveniences, but sometimes I enjoy the more simplistic pleasures of old video games and music. Perhaps you think I’m a bit strange for liking these retro things!

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Do you like anything from the past that could now be considered to be retro? 

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