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by KatieP

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective who, since his creation in 1887 by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, has appeared in many books, films, TV series and also games. The newest version of Sherlock Holmes is a BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) production which features Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, two famous actors, as the two main characters.

This recent BBC production is the most modern take on the traditional Sherlock Holmes storyline, showing modern day crimes in modern day London. In the show Sherlock, played by Cumberbatch, and his partner Watson, played by Freeman, aim to solve different crimes together. Although they often argue with each other and disagree on things, they work together to solve the crimes.

I find this show very interesting to watch so that I can see how certain crimes are solved but it is also very funny and entertaining as it also includes aspects of love, friendship and family dramas. Sherlock is definitely my favourite programme to watch at the minute.

However this series is slightly different to many other dramas which have been on the television. A “Sherlock” episode lasts 90 minutes, longer than a normal 60 minute one which is great for the audience as we can see more drama, fights and jokes. Each episode leaves you feeling you can’t wait for the next one a week later, yet this current series has only 3 episodes. This means it ends next week and I know many people, myself included, feel very sad about this.  

The ending of the last series ended on a huge cliffhanger before having over a year to wait for this current series and I can imagine that this series will do the same. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys funny and interesting TV programmes and all I can say is roll on series four!

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