Monday, 23 June, 2014 - 21:26

Talent on television

by EleanorC

Talent competitions are very popular on British television. Britain’s Got Talent is the most famous talent show in the UK and has been running for eight series already. In this programme, people from around the country come and perform a live audition in front of famous judges, like the music businessman Simon Cowell and the actress Amanda Holden. 

In the first episodes of the show, people come and show off lots of different talents. Some of them are really impressive. The other day I watched an audition in which an 80-year-old lady danced extremely fast! You can also hear some really gifted singers, of all different types of music, as well as magicians and dancers.

Some of the auditions are not very good though. The producers select some of the worst ones to show on television. I once saw a man who wanted to make his pet owl do tricks but the owl didn’t move: it must have been very embarrassing for him! There are also people who don’t sing or dance very well, and sometimes the judges can be quite mean to them.

This is why some people disapprove of Britain’s Got Talent. Sometimes they can seem a bit humiliating for the people performing and the famous judges can give quite hurtful comments. Other people think that it is just harmless fun and a great way to see lots of different performers on the same TV show. The viewing figures for the programme are always very high and it has already been announced that it will return in 2015. People can’t get enough of talent on television!

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Do you have these kind of talent shows in your country? What do you think of them?

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