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The importance of friendship in films

by JennyBlogger

My favourite films as a teenager were all about love and romance. I loved watching the main character’s quest for romance, knowing that at the end of the film they would be successful and find the perfect partner — because that’s what always happens in these movies. Watching all these films even made me obsess over searching for my own movie-style romance.

However, the other day I watched one of my all-time-favourite teenage romcoms again for the first time in several years, and I was surprised to find myself a little disappointed at the end. The film put such a heavy weighting on the theme of romance and completely ignored several other themes which are so important in our teenage lives. In my opinion, one of the most important themes is friendship. Your friends are the people who you see every day at school, who are going through it all with you and who will be there to support you when you need it. In my teenage years my friends were the ones who I always had the most fun with!

 In a world obsessed with romance, it can be difficult to find films about friendship. So here are three that I would recommend:

1) The Kings of Summer: this thought-provoking film follows three teenage boys who decide to spend their summer living in the woods and building their own house. Their parents might not have thought that this was such a sensible idea, but the boys’ friendship grows stronger as they learn to live in the wild together.

2) Mean Girls: So maybe this one is as much about enemies as it is friends! It follows a new girl at school who has to deal with the dramas of high school life in order to find a nice group of friends. This film demonstrates the struggles of friendships, but also why it’s important to be kind and treat your friends well.

3) Bend it Like Beckham: This film might also feature a bit of romance, but ultimately it’s about a women’s football team’s friendship. A teenage girl with a passion for football is determined to follow her dream, and she has her friends supporting her along the way.

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Do you think the theme of friendship is important? Can you recommend any other films with this theme?

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