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The O.C.: one of my favourite series

by PriyankaBlogger

One of my favourite television series of all time is The O.C. It centres on how teenager Ryan Atwood (from a poor family) leaves behind his troubled life to live with lawyer Sandy Cohen and his family in a wealthy neighbourhood in Newport Beach, California.

The O.C. has four seasons. In the first season, Ryan has to adapt to his new life in Newport Beach. He quickly becomes friends with Seth Cohen, Sandy’s son, who is pretty much the opposite of him! Ryan is reserved, whereas Seth is very talkative and likes to crack jokes. Seth is a good student and does not fit in with the so-called ‘popular’ kids at his school. The ‘popular’ kids include Marissa Cooper, who lives next door to the Cohens, Luke Ward (Marissa’s boyfriend) and Summer Roberts (Marissa’s best friend). The ‘popular’ kids are always having parties at their houses, but Seth is never invited. It is only when Ryan comes along that he goes to one of their parties, because Marissa and Ryan have become friends.  

For me, season one was one of the best seasons. So much happened! There were so many glitzy parties (whether at the beach or in someone’s mansion). The people of The O.C. seemed to have it all.

It may seem that their lives were totally carefree. But that was not the case. Marissa’s parents split up in the first season, due to her father Jimmy’s troubles with money. To make things worse for Marissa, her mother Julie starts a romantic relationship with Seth’s grandfather, Caleb Cohen! There are happy times too, though. Two couples form during the series: Ryan and Marissa, and Seth and Summer.

The series has some characters which push the others over the edge. Oliver (another wealthy teenager) makes Marissa and Ryan’s life a mess by trying to separate them. Julie Cooper (Marissa’s mum) causes plenty of problems for everyone and Caleb (Kirsten’s dad) is not a very nice person and often causes emotional pain for his daughter.

So, who were my favourite characters? My favourite characters were Seth, Summer and Marissa. Seth was so funny and I loved Summer and Marissa’s style. Summer had a great boho style, and Marissa was always in style. I loved Marissa’s long necklaces!

I have rewatched The O.C. episodes, and I may do it again this summer. If you haven’t seen The O.C., I recommend you watch it. It’s funny, cool and has an awesome soundtrack, California by Phantom Planet!

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Have you watched The O.C.? What programmes would you like to recommend?

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I haven't watched it yet, but it sounds good!!
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