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Why ‘Black Panther’ is so important

by LydiaBlogger2017

Whether you’re a comic fan or not, you’re bound to have seen posters or social media posts about Marvel’s newest blockbuster, Black Panther. Black Panther was first created in 1966 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and was transformed into a film this year. The story follows T’Challa, a man living in a fictional African nation named Wakanda. Black Panther is the first non-white superhero to have his own film, making this a milestone movie.

But what makes this film different from all the other Marvel films? Take a look at the cast list and you’ll find that the majority are black actors and actresses. Sure, black people have been in movies but look at the roles they play and you’ll find that they are often cast as the criminals, slaves or poverty-stricken individuals. Not this one! This film empowers as it shows Africa in its full beauty, strength and power. Africa’s stunning landscapes and vast cultural diversity are shown off throughout. This acts as a catalyst to start a conversation about culture and encourages the audience to educate themselves and explore what life is like outside their own bubble of familiarity.

The film also takes a step forward in representation, as black children (and adults!) can now look up and see themselves and their stories represented in media where they couldn’t before. Media and reality influence one another in a never-ending cycle, as reality shapes what is portrayed in the media and, in turn, the media influence the audience, who are real individuals. But for too long, a large portion of our population has been under-represented in media, that group of people being those who are not white. So it’s refreshing and about time to have a film which celebrates Africa! Michelle Obama herself phrased it beautifully when she tweeted, 'I loved this movie and I know it will inspire people of all backgrounds to dig deep and find the courage to be heroes of their own stories.'

So why is Black Panther so important? Black Panther is important because representation matters.


Will you be going to see Black Panther in the cinema?

Submitted by pin24_33 on Thu, 08/19/2021 - 11:25

fantastic film :)

Submitted by dldeleony25 on Sat, 01/23/2021 - 20:00

we are going to miss him :( WAKANDA FOREVER

Submitted by SuperNoah2705 on Mon, 06/08/2020 - 08:06

WAKANDA 4 Ever. It is an amazing movie and i like what the movie represents.

Submitted by chefa12 on Thu, 03/26/2020 - 01:26

black panther is important because it teaches us another point of view through things like this movie that can influence our way of thinking and thus find a change towards human acceptance.

Submitted by mblanco23 on Sat, 03/21/2020 - 17:08

that is true representation is very important and at the same time it is an equality movie because as the wakanda movie shows it is very strong in itself removing bulling and advancing to a better world.
Profile picture for user Fenris

Submitted by Fenris on Wed, 05/09/2018 - 06:27

I already saw it with my dad and brother, and we all loved it! I think it is a very important film, too.

Submitted by TeoBurrito on Wed, 05/09/2018 - 06:27

I found it truly amazing. I almost cried a few times.

Submitted by nurdosramazan on Tue, 03/20/2018 - 13:25

Yes, Black Panther is an amazing film))
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