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Why I love Wes Anderson's films

by ReganS

I always struggle when someone asks me what my favourite movie is. I can't choose just one! However there are a small number of filmmakers whose films I always love. The most stylish of these is definitely Wes Anderson, an American filmmaker who has made several feature films and short films over the last twenty years. Like a great artist, his films heavily feature his unique and colourful style, which is at the same time classical, artsy and very charming. It is easy to identify when a film has been made by Wes Anderson. He uses traditional, timeless costumes and locations … it is refreshing to watch a film that completely ignores modernity, where the characters don't use mobile phones or similar technology. He also creates stories involving wonderful, eccentric characters and families who are also maybe lonely or estranged in some way. These are often portrayed by many of the same actors. His movies always leave you wishing for a happy ending for the protagonists! If you like the sound of Wes Anderson, these are three of his films I would highly recommend: - The Darjeeling Limited (2007) This is great film about family and friendship. Three brothers, who are not very close, decide to go on a train journey across India. They plan on visiting their mother whilst rebuilding their relationships. I love the vintage feel of the film and that it could be set in any era. Plus it is a lovely story about the good and bad things about siblings. - Fantastic Mr Fox (2009) This film is actually quite different to the rest of Anderson's films. Firstly, this is actually an adaptation of a children's book by Roald Dahl. Secondly, it is a stop-motion animation. The film is a comedy about a cunning fox, Mr Fox, who feeds his family by stealing chickens every night from three different farms, prompting the farmers to try and catch him. I like this film as, even though it is animation, is still features Anderson's signature style! - Moonrise Kingdom (2012) This is perhaps his most successful film ever, and definitely his cutest! The film follows a Boy Scout, Sam, who is orphaned and does not have any friends, and his girlfriend Suzy as they run away together. The buildings look bigger, the distances further and the adventure greater through the eyes of the 12 year- olds. The children are pursued by his Scoutmaster, her parents and the local police. They encounter plenty of interesting people and entertaining situations on their journey. Of course, it is great to watch a range of movies. Cinema can introduce you to so many new things! However, I love knowing that there are certain filmmakers who I can always rely on to make a familiar, great film.
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Have you ever seen a Wes Anderson film? Do you like to watch a range of films or do you have a favourite genre?
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Submitted by fleveen on Wed, 06/02/2021 - 08:58

Yes I have seen a lot of Wes Anderson's films, even the short films. I always admire his work because it is so simple yet fascinating. What is special is even when you extract all that techniques he makes it is still going to be beautiful.In Darjeeling limited, I didn't like how he used yellow filter to portray India
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