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Autumn fashion tips

by TaylaBlogger

At this time of year, summer seems like a distant memory. July and August were filled with boiling hot days, and even September was lovely and sunny. But on the 1st October, autumn arrived properly in Europe. This year, I’m living in a town in north-east Germany, and autumn seems chillier than ever. I hate feeling cold - but I also love fashion! That means I’m shopping for woolly layers that keep me warm, and look good too.

Luckily, I think I’ve found the perfect knitwear. My new black cardigan has been decorated with pearls, and my navy jumper has sequins on the front. They’re definitely funkier than my ordinary old jumpers! I also have a bright lilac sweater, which really brightens up a grey, rainy day. 

My second autumn fashion tip is to find some cool accessories. I have two favourite pairs of gloves: a very sophisticated red suede pair, and some faux sheepskin mittens. They’re both very on trend, but more importantly, they stop my fingers from turning blue!

Of course, I also have a few woolly scarves, which make my coats feel a bit more snuggly. My wardrobe is quite well stocked for the colder months, but I have one problem - how do I keep my ears warm?!

It can be very hard to find headwear that doesn’t look - well, a bit silly … For many years, I wore big, furry earmuffs, and last winter I tested a grey woolly headband. This year, however, I want to find myself a bobble hat. They’re very on trend, and they look so cute, too!

Hopefully I will find a bobble hat that doesn’t look ridiculous on me! I can’t wait to go shopping and try some hats on. In fact, I think I probably love autumn clothes and accessories even more than the summer styles. There are just so many options!

It might be cold outside, but I still love autumn. I like drinking hot chocolate and seeing the orange and yellow leaves. Plus, my autumn fashion favourites are keeping me warm for now - until winter comes along, and it becomes even colder! Brrrrr!

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What are your autumn style tips? How do you keep warm while looking fashionable?

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