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Five reasons why you should check out charity shops

by GraceBlogger

Thrift shops are thriving with endless options from flawless fashion items to vintage finds and individual souvenirs. The craze for second-hand shops continues and there is no reason why it shouldn't be, considering every contribution goes a long way. But why should you really check one out, if you haven't done so before (and become a slight charity shop addict like me in the making!)? Well, here are my five top reasons for why charity shops are the best for buying clothes with a difference.

1) Cheap and cheerful

One of the main reasons that these retail establishments are so popular is that they are great value for money. You are able to buy clothing of all types for a relatively decent price that accordingly goes to a good cause, making you feel cheerful for spending money and not guilty for blowing your money. And let's face it, affordable prices never go a miss!

2) Sustainable fashion

Also known as eco-fashion, where one is part of the growing trend of sustainability and fashion in order to support our environment and those around us, giving us a sense of social responsibility. When one simply buys something from a charity shop, you are strengthening the growing projects and making the world a fairer place in the long run. Be the difference you want to see; simply by buying an item or two every now and then you could be changing somebody's life in need. 

3) Be original

Don't you find it lame when you catch somebody with the same shirt or top on as you? Well, now is your chance to be different. You can find clothing that will not be available in conventional stores, allowing your originality to flourish and not be copied. Furthermore, when somebody asks where you've got something from, you can grin in delight that you have got it from a charity shop (then they can't copy you too!). 

4) Raise awareness

Most retail units have a parent charity, for example Oxfam being one of the biggest global aids. This means that when you buy from the specific chain of charity shop, you know that you are supporting their activities and furthering their charitable work. Another factor is the environmental effect it has, due to mass consumption in shopping these days. Instead of buying completely new goods, you can buy a perfectly good-as-new item for half the price. 

5) Range of goods

The amount of merchandise that charity shops have to offer is endless. Dependent on where you go of course, as some shops only sell clothing, yet other bigger and renowned chains offer literally everything you can imagine, such as books, shoes, bags and socks. Not to mention that some shops sell new stock from department stores that have donated them, and vintage items like vinyls, CDs and clothing that are no longer available anywhere else. 

The list could go on ... but I hope this has spurred you on to try out a guilt-free shopping trip whilst supporting charities, looking unique and feeling fab about it!


Do you ever buy things in charity shops? 

Submitted by fast_and_curious on Wed, 07/08/2020 - 06:18

I have not been to charity shop but I have visited thrift store. It offers a great deal of variety and all for a convinient price.I would highly recommend thrifting in this era of climatic changes as, global warming is dominating and it is better to recycle stuff rather than just buying new clothes for glamour (that even doesn't exist). It is better to opt for thrifting that would provide it's buyers with whatever they want in an affordable price and the stuff would automatically be recycled in this way.

Submitted by Wendyy on Sun, 04/14/2019 - 16:41

I never go to charity shops after I see this post I think I should go to charity shops to find something .I don’t know charity shops have many merit I can’t wait to go there.
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