Tuesday, 28 October, 2014 - 10:42

Is 'high' fashion coming down to earth?

by EllieC

Ten years ago, the term ‘blogger’ would only have been known by the select few. Nowadays, however, it is considered a full-time job in many cases. But the domain for which blogging has arguably provided the greatest impetus is fashion. ‘High’ fashion, to be more precise. If you type ‘Fashion Blog’ into Google, you get 460,000,000 results (interestingly, if you type in ‘David Cameron’, you only get 277,000,000). So why are fashion bloggers so popular? And is their growing influence a positive thing?

One of the reasons that fashion bloggers are so popular is that they interpret the trends that are sent straight from the catwalk into a more ‘user-friendly’ version for the average person on the street. Indeed, for most of us, the clothes that we see on the catwalks are about as accessible to us as the planet Mars. Bloggers provide hints for how we can wear that Chanel skirt, for example, on a day-to-day basis, without looking like a child raiding a dressing-up box.

More recently, fashion houses have begun to see the potential of fashion bloggers in terms of their own branding and promotion. In the last few years, every major front row at the fashion weeks has had at least one fashion blogger, at the request of the designers themselves. Why? So that the bloggers will then blog about the show they have just seen, in a way that attracts the attention of the masses.

But is the rise of the blogger a good thing for fashion? The fashion editors who are invited to sit on the front rows at fashion week have spent years working hard to earn their stripes as a fashion connoisseur. Is it fair that a teenager who has only been blogging for two years gets the chance to sit next to them, as an equal? Or should we instead be embracing this new influx of fashion enthusiasts who have made the seemingly impenetrable world of fashion more accessible to the rest of us? Time will tell whether the world of fashion bloggers will outlive the trends that they write about.

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Do you think the rise of the fashion blogger is a positive thing for ‘high’ fashion?

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