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Monday, 21 November, 2016 - 13:31

A British day at the seaside

by EllenBlogger

Britain is an island and has a lot of beautiful coast to visit. Everyone has been to the seaside at some point and everybody has a different experience of the seaside. Many years ago, it was very expensive to go on holiday abroad, so the poor people used to go to the seaside. There are even songs about visiting the seaside. Have a listen to 'Daytrip to Bangor' by Fiddler’s Dram, which illustrates a little too much fun at the seaside!

For a typical day at the seaside, as a young child, you need your parents, grandparents and a warm summer’s day. You also need to take your swimming costume, a bucket and spade, a wind shelter and a picnic for lunch and, of course, you need to be excited to go!

When you get to the sea, you should smell the sea air and run down to the sand and paddle in the sea. Children often play games like ‘tig’ or ‘catch’ or ‘jump the wave’ in the sea. They also make a giant sandcastle and decorate it with stones and shells, and look for sea creatures in rock pools.

You also have to walk along the promenade and go into the funfair and play on the penny slot machines, or go on the fairground rides. You can walk right to the end of the piers in Blackpool and look down over the rail into the water beneath. And, of course, you have to eat fish and chips for dinner and have an ice cream for pudding!

There are plenty of books about the seaside too. Shirley Hughes writes children’s books and she wrote a good story about Alfie collecting a stone called 'Bonting', which he takes home to treasure.

To go to the seaside is a lovely way to spend the day and there is always so much to do that you can’t possibly get bored!


Do you like going to the seaside? Does your country have a beach? Are there any traditions in your country associated with visiting the sea? 

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Submitted by Andrii on Mon, 05/18/2020 - 17:13

I like going to the seaside and... It will be more correctly if I say "riverside" but not "seaside" because we have no sea in our country. But there are beaches on the banks of our river and we can swim in it like in sea. In general, we do the same things (eat ice cream and fish, make sandcastles and look at sea creatures after catching them into a paper cup).
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