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Saturday, 28 March, 2015 - 20:01

A rainy day

by KatB

Unless you are amongst those of us lucky enough to be living in either California or southern Spain, chances are that the start of spring hasn't signalled the return of spring-like weather. Quite the opposite, in fact. Oh yes: the clocks might be going back, but the rain is here to stay. 

Now, rain has its uses. Many, in fact, if my vague memory of secondary school Geography and the water cycle serves me correctly. But it's been a long, cold, snowy winter and, frankly, my all-weather boots and I are at the end of our tether. Enough is enough. It's time to put away heavy coats and bring out shorts, skirts and summer dresses; to feel the sun on our skin, instead of hunching over, desperately trying to avoid the wind. Delicious winter comfort food is all well and good, but how delightful would it be to enjoy a giant bowl of ice cream without risking hypothermia?! Or a barbeque. In the garden, enjoying the long warm(ish) evenings. Doesn't that sound like heaven?

If the next week's forecast is to be trusted, however, no amount of complaining will keep the storm clouds from looming over my small corner of Germany. So, in an attempt to stave off cabin fever, I will be spending my time spring cleaning: a rather fitting term for having a good old clear out. Sounds boring, and if it weren't for the motivating tones of HRH Beyoncé it would undoubtedly be a thankless task. Still, there's something very satisfying about organising all the useless stuff that accumulates over the winter hibernation period. Plus, it leaves more room for summer clothes! 

And, if that doesn't keep me occupied for long, then there might be time to get further on my perpetual to-do list: read those books recommended by my friends, watch that film I missed in the cinema, listen to the new album by James Bay which I haven't heard yet. A few plans to make that rainy day into less of a catastrophe.

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What do you do on rainy days? What's the weather usually like in your country? 

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