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Tuesday, 10 December, 2013 - 09:58

A trip on the train

by KatieP

Here in Germany, using the train is something which I do on a daily basis. I use the train for getting to work, meeting friends, visiting the gym and going shopping so you would think that by now I had got used to using the train.

Recently however, I have had a few incidents with the train. These stories are now very funny for me to tell and to think about but due to being by myself at the time, are some of the most embarrassing things which have happened to me!

The doors close automatically on the trains after a slight beeping so that no one else attempts to get on. Recently I was daydreaming about something on my way onto the train and did not hear the beeping and ended up getting stuck in-between the closing doors. I thought someone would help me from the inside but they didn’t and I thought I would be stuck for ages, luckily I managed to pull myself inside where I was then greeted by many annoyed looking passengers. I found a seat as quickly as I could and kept my eyes out the window for the whole journey.

I thought my train journeys could not get more embarrassing until something else happened, just last week.

I was sat opposite a lady on the train and as my legs are quite long, I stretched them out a little into the aisle. Normally this does not cause any problems but for some reason as the woman opposite me got up to leave the train for her stop she did not see my legs. I therefore ended up tripping her over and as she fell over my legs she also pulled me off my seat! Both of us were laid on the floor of the train struggling to get back up again and apologising non-stop to each other. Eventually she managed to get up and left the train, I then had to just get back onto my seat. I have never been as embarrassed!

Unfortunately for both of these incidents I have been by myself which has made it more embarrassing for me as I have been laughed at or just had angry glares but luckily now I can laugh them off. I am clumsy and seem to have bad luck with things like this. Hopefully though I have now had my fair share for a while although I will just have to wait and see. 


Do you often use public transport?

Has anything embarrassing ever happened to you on the train or bus?

Submitted by hermione123 on Thu, 07/15/2021 - 08:16

i've only used train for few times in my whole life! i wish i can use it more often. but there is no train in my city except the trains that you use for going to different city. so, people never really go by train real often. and i rarely use bus too. i always go out with my parents, and we use our car, i never go out by myself, so i don't need to use public transportation.
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