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Thursday, 8 June, 2017 - 19:08

A trip to a new city!

by TaylaBlogger

I love visiting new cities and seeing all of the famous tourist sights. Recently, I visited the German city of Leipzig. My trip was amazing! Leipzig is quite a big city, and there’s so much to do and see. These are the top three places I visited in the city …

1. The Museum of Fine Arts

Sometimes art museums can be a little bit boring but I really enjoyed my visit to Leipzig’s Museum of Fine Arts. You can see lots of different types of artwork there – from pieces that are over 400 years old to modern art! I loved learning about different artists from across the ages. It was definitely a cool way to spend a rainy afternoon in the city!

2. The St Nicholas Church

This is a church with a very interesting past. The church has connections to both famous musicians and important political protests. I had heard a lot about this history, so it was amazing to finally visit the church in person. I was really impressed! Inside, there were beautiful paintings on the wall and the atmosphere was very peaceful.

3. Leipzig Zoo

In my opinion, Leipzig has one of the best zoos in the world! The zoo is huge, and there are so many different animals – including tigers, elephants and even koalas! The best part of the zoo is the safari area. There’s a real, flowing river and you can travel down it on a boat. It was so cool! I’d love to visit Leipzig Zoo again one day …

As you can see, there are some pretty cool tourist sights in Leipzig! If you ever visit this city, I would definitely recommend coming to all three of these places.

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What do you like to do when you explore a new city? Which city would you like to visit?

Submitted by LunaRios97 on Wed, 01/20/2021 - 03:41

First I like to identify the tourist attractions to visit, they can be historical or natural and in that way to know all little by little, currently I would like to visit the city of Medellín In photos it looks like a very beautiful place with many places to visit

Submitted by MelySykes31 on Wed, 01/20/2021 - 03:16

I really like to travel to get to know the culture, so I go to the main places and enjoy the local food. Hopefully one day I can visit England or New York.

Submitted by benjamin on Mon, 08/27/2018 - 17:59

the text makes you want to visit Leipzig and see the zoo, the museum and the church. it makes these three places beautiful. I plan to go there one day to see these places. When I arrive in a city I like to visit old buildings. I would like to visit Rome if I have the opportunity
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