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Wednesday, 2 November, 2016 - 11:21

A trip to Berlin

by PhoebeBlogger

Earlier this year I visited Europe with two of my friends from university. We stopped in four cities: Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague and Cologne. I absolutely loved all of the cities, but Berlin was probably my favourite of them all. I am very interested in history, in particular the world wars and so there were so many exciting things for me to see in Berlin. My favourite place there was probably the East Side Gallery where part of the wall that is still standing has been decorated with artwork. My favourite section of the wall was the very famous painting of the two politicians kissing. After my friends and I walked along the wall and saw all of the artwork, we stopped at a street stall to sample the very famous German ‘currywurst’, which is basically sausages covered with curry sauce and ketchup. Normally I don’t like sausages but I had to try them whilst I was in Germany and they were so tasty!

As well as the gallery, you can also visit a section of the wall that has been made into a museum. This was very interesting as there were plaques that told stories of people who tried to cross the wall into West Berlin. Although it was very interesting, the museum was a very sad place to visit as many people died trying to cross the wall at this point.

One of the other places that we visited in Berlin was the Reichstag building. This is the building where Berlin’s parliament, called the Bundestag, meets. On top of the Reichstag building there is a huge dome which you can walk to the top of. From the dome you can see across the whole of the city. On the day that we visited the Reichstag, Angela Merkel was there, but unfortunately we didn’t get to see her. If you are considering visiting Berlin, I would definitely recommend it. There are lots of things to do there; if you like history you can visit many of the museums, and if not, you could always go shopping in Alexanderplatz, a very famous square in Berlin.


If you could visit any city in the world, which would you choose? What would you like to do there?

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