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Friday, 10 June, 2016 - 09:14

A wonderful city

by CatrionaL

I was lucky enough to take a short trip to Warsaw, the capital of Poland, a few days ago and it was such a great city to visit. When my friends and I first organised the trip we were not sure what to expect! Warsaw is a hidden gem of Europe and is not usually within the favourite destinations for a short city break. Warsaw has such a rich history and there are so many things to see and do. I'll share with you just a few great things about this wonderful city. 

The first thing that I love is the architecture. It is a strange mix between old and new. Sadly most of the historic centre was destroyed during the World War Two bombings; all the important buildings have been rebuilt in their original state but with newer materials. The builders involved in the reconstruction of the the city were very conscious of remaining historically accurate and workers had to take an exam about the history of the buildings before they were employed. In Warsaw there can be a building that is 200 years old next to a building that is 50 years old, Warsaw has a really unique style. Another great thing about Warsaw is the green open space. There are lots of lovely parks and gardens. My favourite park was called Park Lazienki; there is a grand royal palace and long green lawns and tulip gardens. It's a great place for a bike ride. The last thing that I really loved about Warsaw was the people. They are so welcoming and they really love their culture. The food and drink specialities are great. I loved their traditional dish of potato dumplings.

I am very glad that my friends and I got to visit and appreciate such a vibrant and beautiful city! Warsaw is a hidden gem in Europe for sure.

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Have you ever visited Warsaw? If not, would you like to? 

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