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Tuesday, 15 August, 2017 - 13:59

Back in the beautiful Black Forest

by GraceBlogger

When returning to south-western Germany, where my parents live, it is almost obligatory for me to go on a hike to connect with nature and reconnect with myself. So, that is exactly what I did the first sunny Sunday back in the beautiful Black Forest. The Huzenbacher See (Lake Huzenbach) is a tarn in the middle of the northern Black Forest with abundant nature surrounding it. Approaching the lake, after a good hour walk, there were fascinating blue dragonflies in profusion that enchanted us by the way they flew around. They didn't stand still for a photo, as they landed on leaves for a split second. We also marvelled at the yellow water lilies that can be seen floating on the lake between June and July.

Sitting down at one of the benches surrounding the lake for a picnic was fulfilling in two ways. I was aware of the world's beauty that gave me the energy to continue up the mountain to reach the most marvellous view looking over the lake. The other was to literally fill myself up in order to continue the adventure adequately, full up on some snacks and refreshing water from the well. (Take note: mineral water from the Black Forest springs can be found along the route, which is a bonus!)

The hike up wasn't as steep as expected and a good path was provided with marsh-tarnished rocks and slippery stones all under the shade of the tall trees. This took about an hour and a half until reaching the remarkable view of the lake and land below, camouflaged with an array of trees. Once we had taken in the stunning views, the walk back down took another hour or so, making the hike a 3- to 4-hour round trip, which was well worth it! 

Simply being back in the Black Forest and engaging in such jolly jaunts is definitely good for the soul and I highly recommend getting yourself outside, be it in the Black Forest or anywhere outdoors. Get your intake of vitamin D and, most importantly, take in the moments that nature has to offer.

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