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Thursday, 12 March, 2015 - 18:23

Britain's hidden gems

by RosemaryM

Millions of tourists flock to London, the United Kingdom's capital city, every year. There are countless things to do in the British capital: you can rent bikes, admire the London skyline from The London Eye or even visit the many (free!) museums. However, there is more to the UK than London. If you venture beyond the capital, you will get a true taste of British culture. Here are my top five places to visit, outside of London.

  1. Yorkshire. As a university student in Leeds, I live right on the doorstep of a stunning national park. The Yorkshire Dales is a truly fantastic place to visit - the mountains, lakes and quaint villages will give you a flavour of rural life in the UK. Skipton, on the edge of the Dales, is a lovely town. It even has its own castle - which is well worth a visit.
  2. Anglesey. This is a small island, just off the coast of North Wales. When I was younger, my family would go on holiday to North Wales. Whilst there are some nice places to visit in North Wales (for example, the walled town of Conwy), Anglesey is well worth a trip! Beaumaris is a beautiful, small, seaside town with lots of coloured houses, a castle and boat rides to see seals and puffins. Don't miss a chance to try the British classic - fish and chips! There are also several beaches - Church Bay and Red Wharf Bay being two of the best.
  3. Beddgelert. Nestled in the heart of Snowdonia National Park, this town is in a picture-perfect location. The mountains surrounding the small town are spectacular and you can take a relaxing walk by the river. Don't miss a trip to the small pizzeria and ice cream parlour - it has over fifty different ice cream flavours!
  4. Southwold. This is a picturesque seaside town in the county of Suffolk on the east coast of England is a must-visit. Last summer, I went for a day trip with my boyfriend. There is a lovely sandy beach, with lots of colourful beach huts along the coastline. A short walk away, in Walberswick, you can go crabbing. You use a line with bait (usually small pieces of meat) on the end and if you're lucky you will catch a crab. You can then put the crab in a bucket of sea water and when you have finished crabbing for the day, you release them all.
  5. Chester. I couldn't write a list of places to visit outside of London and miss out my home town! Chester is a historic walled city, which was built by the Romans. The architecture is nice, particularly the half timbered buildings which line the main street. You can take boat tours on the River Dee. Chester is also home to the UK's best zoo - Chester Zoo. 

There are many more great places to visit in the UK, but hopefully this gives you an idea of how much there is to see in Britain!

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