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Friday, 16 December, 2016 - 15:29

Christmas crackers

by GraceBlogger

A very traditional thing that accompanies a typical English Christmas dinner is the Christmas cracker. So what exactly is a Christmas cracker? Something you crack at Christmas, literally! Also known as bon-bons, resembling a big, filled sweet wrapper.

When laying the table for Christmas dinner, normally a cracker is included to be opened with the person next to you. It is shaped like a bow and made out of cardboard to produce a cute cracker covered with typical festive decorations. Then, usually before eating, you pull the cracker with the person besides you, so it tears into two pieces. Then the one who gets the bigger part is lucky enough to find a paper hat, a toy and a joke inside. 

The hats are all different colours and made out of paper to look like crowns. You wear it when eating the roast dinner to make you feel like this is a dinner with a difference! Then the toys are typically small and made out of plastic, maybe a dice or party popper for example. The jokes or riddles relate to the festive season and provide a good giggle.

So why not try out this traditional activity to liven up the Christmas table with chatter and laughter?

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Have you heard of Christmas crackers? What are the Christmas traditions in your country?

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