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Tuesday, 18 November, 2014 - 15:54

Christmas is just around the corner

by EmmaH2

The release of John Lewis’ Christmas advert yesterday in the UK, brings with it a mixed boat of opinions. Although mostly positive, some people argue that the advert, which already has over four million views on YouTube, commercialises Christmas. The supermarket shelves are already lined with advent calendars, mince pies and festive jumpers, awaiting the masses and even in France, where I am currently working as a language assistant, Christmas is in the air, yet it is only November.

Whether it be online adverts, posters or just natter between friends, it is widely known that this year, like many before, you can ice-skate on the first floor observation deck of the Eiffel Tower, from 15th December. It isn’t just in France either, Christmas markets have exploded all over the UK in recent years, each year bringing with them addition dates and locations. There’s just something about rows of little, wooden sheds, bringing people together, whilst the smell of mulled wine lingers in the air!

The cold winter chill throughout November and December makes staying indoors much more appealing and brings with it a sense of togetherness. Instead of meals out, we opt for family get-togethers that include an array of wintery foods from homemade pies to soups, not forgetting the ever-tempting mountain of chocolate treats! Entertainment also comes indoors and Sunday evenings start to fly past us, consumed by board games, chatter and fire-lit movies.

So when does it all begin? With the 1st of December comes advent calendars and so for many, commences the 24 day count down until Christmas, especially children. However for others, the Christmas tree has to be trimmed and the house decorated before Christmas is officially on its way. Regardless of when the Christmas countdown happens for people, most people stand hand-in-hand hoping for the fall of snow, to make that ever magical 25th December, even more magical.

For me, it’s not one particular thing that kick starts Christmas but all of the above. It’s the John Lewis advert playing whilst I’m collecting my Starbucks’ red cup, in my hideous Christmas jumper and the Christmas cheer that takes over the city. It’s making gingerbread houses, attending Christmas markets with loved ones and those cold evenings snuggled up on the sofa as a family watching Home Alone.

Note from the editor: John Lewis is a department store in the UK. If you want to watch their Christmas advert that Emma mentions, click here.  

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What marks the start of Christmas for you?

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Submitted by userunknown707 on Wed, 07/01/2020 - 13:50

For me, Christmas starts when I have a piece of yummy chocolate yule log ^v^)
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