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Monday, 20 January, 2014 - 17:50


by ReganS

Having spent a lot of time there, I will always consider Cornwall to be one of my favourite places in the world. This county in the southwest of England is made up of pretty fishing villages, scenic beaches, vast moorland and stories of pirates and pixies. Whenever people discover that I grew up in Cornwall there is one thing they mention immediately; the Cornish pasty. This local snack grew in popularity around the 17th century thanks to its shape. With its thick crust it can be eaten easily without cutlery, making it the ideal lunch for workers, especially those who worked in the mines in olden time. Filled with beef, potato, onion and swede and cased in pastry, the name "Cornish Pasty" is protected meaning that unless the pasty was made in Cornwall it cannot be called a Cornish pasty! Whilst the Cornish pasty is undeniably tasty, there is another treat you can discover in Cornwall that is even more yummy. If you ever find yourself in one of the many beautiful little sea-side villages of Cornwall, visit a quaint café and order a 'cream tea'. Trust me. You will get a large, fresh scone, a bowl of strawberry jam, a big dollop of clotted cream and, of course, a cup of tea. This is eaten with the jam spread on the scone and topped with cream (whilst people in Devon, the adjoining county, eat theirs with the cream spread on the scone and topped with the jam). Along with fudge (a type of sweet), thick ice-cream and locally sourced fish, it is impossible to leave Cornwall without a full stomach. But there is more to Cornwall than just the food! Cornwall has beautiful landscapes that stretch for miles. One of my favourite places is Bodmin Moors, a craggy moorland which is spotted with granite and ancient rock formations (some said to have been created by giants!) This area is rich in Cornish history and the setting for many local legends, such as that of the Bodmin beast! I enjoy going for walks on the Moors as there is so much to discover and it is so peaceful. If you're not a fan of long walks, the extensive coastline makes Cornwall a surfers paradise. However, English winters can be freezing, it's best to save surfing for the summer months! If you are ever in the UK and decide to visit somewhere a little bit different, beautiful and very interesting I suggest Cornwall. Note: the photo shows the Cornish pasty.
Where is one of your favourite places? Do you have a favourite local food?
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