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Saturday, 31 October, 2015 - 19:59

Drop everything and go!

by NaomiK

Last week my friend phoned me and we randomly decided to go on a spontaneous trip to Germany. I left home with no sleeping bag, no towel, about €50 in cash and no travel plans for the way home. It was going to be an adventure!

I took a Bla Bla Car from my town to Paris. I was initially very nervous about traveling with strangers, worrying that they were going to kidnap me and I would never make it to Paris alive. Fortunately, they were absolutely lovely and had even baked cookies for the journey! (But I would still advise being very careful if you are going to travel this way). When I arrived in Paris, after getting a bit lost, I eventually found my friend and we were ready to roll! We boarded the train to Heidelberg, Germany and off we went.

We stayed with our friend there, whose flat smelt a bit weird but was lovely all the same. For the next five days we caught up with our friends, explored the town (which was absolutely beautiful) and ate an outrageous amount of cake. I’ve never tasted a cheesecake quite as good as German cheesecake. I attempted to speak German, much to the amusement of my friends who are all very good at German. While we were there we had many adventures involving creeping into my friend’s house late at night, walking so high up that we were above the clouds and a crazy lady at an ice cream shop.

After five days, we had finally made plans to head home, stopping off for a day in Paris on the way. Since we hadn't booked a return ticket, it must have seemed to our friends that we would never leave! The cheapest option was to take a 12 hour coach from Heidelberg to Paris. It was all going swimmingly until a family with two small children got on the coach in Strasbourg when we were still hours from Paris. The youngest child proceeded to sing for the rest of the journey. Lucky us(!) But we just played some card games and chatted and eventually got to Paris. Paris was fantastic and we had a great time being tourists taking selfies and clutching our big maps wherever we went. In a funny way I’m glad our trip was very last minute and quite badly organised because it made it more of an adventure! 

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