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Wednesday, 6 November, 2013 - 12:46

Exploring a new city

by KatieI

When you tell people that you’re moving to a new city, let alone a new country, there are certain phrases you become used to hearing over and over again.  I found this out first hand when I left my family home in London for Lyon, France this summer.  While the, “You’re so brave!” and “You’re going to have the best year ever!” comments are lovely and more than welcome, there are some things that no-one can ever prepare you for when moving abroad. 

I suppose the thing with moving country is that everyone’s experience is unique and it really is only as good as you make it.  Of course it helps if you fall in love with the place, make friends and speak the language but the thing I’ve loved the most so far is the time I’ve dedicated to exploring Lyon.  As soon as I stepped out of the metro, I knew Lyon was the right place for me (not even the sweat dripping off me from lugging 2 suitcases up 3 flights of stairs in a winter coat in 25 degrees heat was going to put me off!)  It was then that I decided that I would spend at least one day a week simply discovering all that Lyon has to offer-be it one of the many bouchons (typical Lyonnais restaurants), a museum or just strolling through the beautiful streets. 

The problem for me is that because I’m actually from London I often take the city for granted.  Yes, I understand that it’s undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the world but does it make me want to get up on a Sunday morning and visit Buckingham Palace or the National Gallery? No.  Instead, I waste the day away in my pyjamas watching films I’ve already seen hundreds of times.  

In Lyon, however, I appear to be a changed girl.  Since my arrival, I’ve already visited 2 museums, go the market every Sunday morning without fail, have taken a cooking class and have sampled far too many of the wonderful restaurants Lyon has to offer for my own good (and my waistlines...)

So whether you’ve recently moved to another country or still live in your hometown, I seriously recommend a day out simply exploring your town.  You’ll be amazed how many places you’ve never noticed before when you simply open your eyes and take in all your wonderful city has to offer. 

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Do you ever go out to explore your own town or city? What types of places do you like to visit on a day out? 

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