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Tuesday, 11 June, 2013 - 19:42

Father's Day

by Miranda Clark

Father's Day is a day dedicated to honouring fathers. Father's Day originated in the United States, to match up to similar celebrations like Mother's Day. It is celebrated on the third Sunday of June here in the UK, but the date differs from country to country.

So, what exactly do I do with my dad on this day? Well, he always asks for a nice card and so, during past Father's Day celebrations, I have created my own card to give to my father, usually with a photo or funny memory that we share and even with a poem or funny joke in. He says that this is enough and doesn't expect a present but I always like to give him something small as a gift to thank him for being a great dad! However, this gift usually ends up being the predictable present of a tie, pair of socks or new shirt for work so I have tried to be a bit more creative lately and make him something or find him something a bit different!

In the past, I have also made him breakfast which is always very warmly welcomed, especially as in the UK we are famous for our big breakfasts and, being a Sunday, we have time to spend together as a family. My brother and I usually try and do something nice with our Dad such as take him out somewhere nice or go for a nice walk together with our mum. We treat him to lunch or dinner or even make him a picnic with his favourite food if we can! As you can see, my dad likes to eat nice food! Every family celebrates Father's Day differently but I personally think that it's a nice day to spend together as a family and show your dad how much they mean to you. Happy Father's Day, Dad!


Do you celebrate Father's Day in your country? What do you do to celebrate? Do you make him or buy him a gift?

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