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Thursday, 14 November, 2013 - 16:00

I want my mummy

by RoisinK

Living abroad more often than not means living in a completely new and unknown place as well. Normally this is fine, you get to meet a load of fun new people, live with exciting new friends or try out the experience of living alone. You are never really tempted to stay in and laze about on the internet as there is too much to do and see. It is exciting. But there are times where this does become a problem, at least for me, this is when I am sick.

In Mexico, travellers' sickness happens to everyone at one point or another. (An interesting fact: In Mexico travellers’ sickness is affectionately known as Montezuma's revenge. Supposedly it is the revenge that the last Aztec emperor who was at power during the time of the Spanish conquest exacts on European visitors) I am lucky in that I lasted 2 and half months before I succumbed.

It hasn't been all bad, many of my friends and colleagues have been helping me taking me to the doctor and the pharmacy, helping me to get medicines and explain all the weird Spanish medical words that I don't understand, however none of this makes up for the fact that I am sick and my mum is 1000s of miles away and unable to look after me. It is quite sad and pathetic, I know. I am meant to be a strong independent woman who can live wherever she wants and adapt to anything. But when I get sick I regress to the childlike state of wanting my mum to bring me cut up apples, take my temperature and generally look after me. All while telling me that everything will be alright and I will get better soon. It is wonderful to realise that I have many friends who care and worry about me, but none of them can even come close to taking the place of my mum when I am sick.

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What do you do when you are away from home and you get sick?

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