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Sunday, 20 January, 2013 - 18:44

It's Snow Fun...

by Bethan Morgan

There’s nothing worse than waiting so long for that magical moment when the snow begins to fall than not being able to do anything with it when it does.

To set the scene: I am a final year student at Cardiff University but my home is Nottingham. As I have had almost a month of no lectures over Christmas I decided to stay with my family to do my work. I have an exam in a few days as well as a deadline for an assignment, an essay and a whole novel to read. So I have been quite busy. 

A week or so ago the weather forecast started to tell us that it was going to snow, and as usual, people were split into one of two categories: the first is those who get far too excited and start planning their snowman’s outfit; and the second is those who panic and/or grumble. I am definitely in the first group – I love the snow. I always have done, and Nottingham isn’t famous for getting a lot of snow, so it is always a treat when it does.

But not this year. The problems started when the weather couldn’t make up its mind – will it snow enough to build a snowman or not? At first I didn’t think it would, and then finally the heavens opened and down it all fell. But by that time it was too dark to go outside, so we decided to wait until morning to do anything with it. Waking up and pulling back the curtains I was disappointed to see that it was already starting to disappear – and I still had to go into town before I could even think about making my snowman!

And then there was the small problem of the mountain of work I had to get through – how could I afford to spend time playing in the snow while I had so much to do?! So I used it as a reward – finish your essay and you can build a snowman. And I did. And it was so worth it. We made a huge snowman and even had time to create a canine friend for him.

So the moral of the story is this: it’s snow fun when you can’t play in it, but it’s definitely worth the wait! 

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