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Friday, 31 October, 2014 - 15:15

Language exchange trip? Do it!

by MegW

Have you been offered the opportunity to visit a new country and stay with a family? Or maybe it’s something you’ve been considering? If so, hopefully this blog post will help you to put aside your worries, pack your suitcase, and go!

Although the idea of taking part in a language exchange to a different country can be daunting at first, a language exchange offers a brilliant opportunity to improve your foreign language and to experience life in a new and exciting place.

Living with a family is often the best way to really see and understand a different culture. Whilst staying in a hostel or hotel can sometimes mean you are surrounded by other tourists, if you choose to live with a family you will get a real taste for the local customs, lifestyle and food. You will also be able to practise your English (or whichever language it is that you’re learning) all day every day, so you’ll improve much more than you would on a normal holiday.

What’s more, the family will most likely be really friendly and will want to show you around their hometown and make you feel at home. They’ll know all the best places to go, and what better way to find out a town or city’s best cafes, restaurants and museums than to be shown them by the experts? And don’t forget, when your host comes to stay with you you’ll be able to show him or her all of your favourite places as well!

Perhaps the best and most important reason to take part in a language exchange is that there’s a chance you’ll make some life-long friends. Having a family and a place to stay in another part of the world is great, and being able to chat to them over Skype or email is a great way to keep up your foreign language. So, why not go for it?

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 Have you ever taken part in a language exchange trip? If so, do you have any top tips for someone who might be thinking about it?


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