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Monday, 3 November, 2014 - 15:01

Living amongst Roman ruins

by BlakeS

It’s easy to forget that two thousand years ago, much of Europe was part of the Roman Empire. Yet in my new town in France, I am constantly reminded of the legacy of the Romans. Périgueux, where I am now living, is a very historic town. What is most surprising is that a lot of the ancient architecture still exists today. There are small, cobbled streets. Stone towers are mixed in between the shops. Even my new residence is outside the remains of a Roman amphitheatre! The amphitheatre is known locally as the arènesromaines. The centre of this ancient structure has been turned into a park with a water fountain. It feels amazing to admire the ruins of the amphitheatre’s stone walls. The walls have been here for so many years! Imagine everything that has changed in the world in that time.

The park is a lovey place to relax. The air is cool, the trees provide shade, and there is the constant sound of water softly flowing in the background. At the moment, I love the park because of all the crispy red leaves which litter the paths. Autumn is a beautiful season!

Although I enjoy the parks and historical sites in Périgueux, it is strange to live in such a small town. There aren’t any shopping malls to visit, and everything is closed on Sundays. Sometimes the only thing to do is walk around town admiring the views. I’m still adapting to this slower pace of life. I’ve been told there are some museums in town. I will have to check them out. It seems that after my time in France, I will know a lot about the Romans!

I’ve been in France for a month, and I miss my home sometimes. I come from a busy seaside city in England, called Portsmouth. When I feel homesick, I often go for a walk outside. Spending time in nature is a good way to feel better. If I feel sad, I remind myself that I am lucky to be living in a new country. Everyone has been helpful since I arrived, which has helped me settle in. I found my first week of teaching very tiring, but I’m sure it will get easier. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I can’t believe I’m living in a Roman town in France. What an experience it will be!


What historic monuments are there in your town?

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