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Tuesday, 18 March, 2014 - 09:49

Money or experiences?

by KatieP

I have just returned to work after two weeks spent in Spain where I visited Barcelona with a colleague and Oviedo with a friend and this weekend I will be visiting Stockholm in Sweden. After this weekend I will have visited 10 different countries in the space of only 7 months! 

When I tell people about this they either ask me why, or they are quite impressed.

Personally I am very proud of the fact I have managed to achieve this. I love travelling so I can experience new places, new cultures, new people and of course, new food!

Sometimes it can be expensive, especially when I visit large popular cities but I always feel like it is worth the money.

Many people my age that I know would rather spend their money on going shopping or partying with friends, but I would always choose travelling. I recently read online that travelling is the only thing which you pay for, which in turn ends up making you richer. I completely agree with this. The last 7 months have shown me beautiful places, interesting ways of life and I have also met so many new people whom I hope I will stay friends with for a long long time.

I love the experience of finding out and learning about new things, so how can anyone say it is a waste of money?

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What do you think? Is it worth spending a lot of money to travel and see the world? How do you spend your money?

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