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Monday, 24 March, 2014 - 13:23

Mother's Day

by IainG

Next Sunday is Mother’s Day, also sometimes called 'Mothering Sunday', in the United Kingdom. For many mothers and their children it is a very special day and one day of the year when we all remember to thank our mums for looking after us and we celebrate their lives.

Most countries in the world celebrate Mother’s Day around the middle of May but in the UK we normally celebrate it in March – officially it is celebrated the Sunday three weeks before Easter.

Father’s Day seems to have been created quite recently by businesses that wanted to make a lot of money by selling cards and gifts for the occasion. It is, as a result, often described as being a very commercial holiday. Mothering Sunday, however, is a much older tradition. The Greeks and the Romans celebrated Mother’s Day and some say that it comes from the Bible.

In many families it is traditional to give a present to our mother on Mother’s Day. Very often children give their mothers a bouquet of flowers or a small box of chocolates. Young children are encouraged to make something – a small craftwork or painting – to give as a present. With older children and adults, it can be nice to take your mother out for lunch, or to have a day out together. This is good not just because you are thanking her but because you are showing your thanks by spending time with your mother.

Whatever its origins and however we celebrate this day, what is most important is that we do celebrate it. So many of us spend a lot of time fighting with our mothers – and other members of our families – but it is very rare that we pause and tell them how much we appreciate and love them.

We should celebrate and be thankful to our mothers every day of the year but, unfortunately, we often forget in our busy and fast-paced lives. This is one day of the year when we must not. This is one day of the year when we must all say to our mothers, 'Thank you for everything.'

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Is Mother’s Day an important day in your country? How do you celebrate Mother’s Day in your family?

Submitted by hermione123 on Mon, 06/28/2021 - 06:50

I think it's important here. But frankly, not many people remember the date! I also often forget it.
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