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Monday, 19 February, 2018 - 20:06

My surprise love of teaching

by PaulineBlogger2017

Before my year as a language assistant, I never imagined I could enjoy teaching as much as I do. I assumed it might be awkward and boring at times and, of course, there are some classes that go faster than others. However, my experience has been overwhelmingly positive. So positive, in fact, that I am definitely considering it as a career.

There’s something so great about being around young people and getting to interact with them on a daily basis. I am finally at that stage where names are starting to stick and I am more comfortable than I was at the beginning (it always takes a little while to find your feet).

Now, of course as a language assistant, I teach conversation class exclusively and I am guided by the English teacher. This means that I haven’t had to teach the more technical aspects of English (I’m looking at you, grammar!) and there’s always someone in the classroom to guarantee some discipline. Despite those advantages, I feel a strong pull to the profession. I guess I’ll end it by saying: watch this space! 

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What about you? Would you like to teach one day?

Submitted by _wisehumanbeing_ on Mon, 02/13/2023 - 12:41

I wanted to be a teacher but now the position doesn’t interest me much. Secondly, you cannot earn lots od money on this job because it is badly paid.

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