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Monday, 5 October, 2015 - 07:36

Myths about the Scottish Highlands

by KirstenB

I feel like it’s time to reveal the truth behind some of the myths and stereotypes dispersed about my homeland, in the Highlands of Scotland.
All Scottish people have red-hair, are angry all the time and wear tartan. 
I am a brunette and very calm-natured. I will admit that I wear tartan occasionally, but my tartan dress was bought in H&M and is probably owned by thousands of others around the world, not just Scots. 
There is no electricity in the Highlands.
Now, this is a bizarre statement which I've heard at least three times. You’d think that I came from a developing country, not a small town in the United Kingdom. Surprisingly, we Highlanders also live in the 21st Century and have electricity, access to telephone, television and even WiFi. 
Everyone drinks whisky.
While this is probably true for some people living in the Highlands, we do have running tap water and access to supermarkets where there are a range of other drink products available; and not just alcoholic ones!
There are sheep everywhere. 
There are a lot of sheep, but to say they are everywhere is an exaggeration. They are almost everywhere. However, most sheep are kept in fields and you will not see a herd of sheep in your local supermarket. 
There are no roads in the Highlands.
Like the rest of the UK, we have roads. Admittedly, some are not kept in the best condition and there are probably more potholes than cars on the road, but we do have roads. However, I’d much rather be stuck behind a tractor travelling at 20mph along a country road with beautiful scenery all around me than stuck in traffic on a motorway, so it’s not all bad!
I hope you are not disenchanted by this magical and beautiful part of the UK now that I have dispersed some common myths. You will never be short of what is known as the 'Highland hospitality,' and will always find a friend. In my opinion, the Highlanders are the friendliest people on the British Isles and perhaps the world. Everyone always has time to say 'Hello' upon passing you on the street and are always up for a chat or a quick drink at the local pub. And you never know, you might even see the Loch Ness Monster, or a wild Haggis! 
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