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Monday, 14 March, 2016 - 11:31

New friends and new experiences

by CatrionaL

I have just returned from a weekend away with my friends and on the journey back home I took some time to reflect back on the past couple of months since I arrived in France in September. When I first arrived in France I was nervous of what was ahead of me and did not know what to expect … Well, it has definitely been a roller coaster and I have loved being here so far. Of course moving to a new country and leaving family and friends is very difficult but it is also very exciting.

I thought I would share with you just a few things that I love about living in France and the new experiences I have encountered. Here we go …

1: I have made some great new friends who are from all over the world. I never thought I would have friends from America, Canada, South Africa and Spain.

2: I have learnt a lot more about French culture and discovered some beautiful places in France. My favourite place so far has been a town called Ville-franche near Lyon; it is a beautiful town in the valleys of the Rhone region with winding streets. When we visited there was a wine festival and half marathon so there was a great atmosphere.

3: French pastries, they are delicious morning, noon and night.

4: Bike rides along the canal in St Amand where I live.

5: The sunrise when I walk to school early in the morning.

6: Improving my French and meeting French people. Everyone is very kind and welcoming here.

7: I love seeing the enthusiasm of my pupils when they learn something new in English and when they are excited about my culture.

These are just a few thoughts - I could write a very long list. By taking the time to reflect I have realized that by learning a new language you gain so many possibilities, whether it be reading a book in another language, ordering a drink in another language or being lucky enough to work or study abroad like me. We are always learning and developing as individuals.

I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to come and work in France. Whilst I am writing this post I have a smile on my face and a cup of tea in hand (home comforts are always good). What makes you smile?

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What makes you smile? 

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