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Thursday, 19 December, 2013 - 10:07

Not your typical Christmas Day

by GraceL

I work at a school in Germany and recently I have been going into lots of different English lessons to explain how Christmas is in England and how it is for me. I find it difficult to explain how it is in England for most people as my Christmas is totally different! In this post I will tell you about how my family and I spend the day and our own family traditions.

We don’t wake up as early as we did when we were younger on Christmas day; some time around 9am. We sit and eat breakfast together and then we go to a famous place called Stanage Edge. Stanage Edge is well known to climbers and walkers and is in a very beautiful place called the Peak District. For climbers is it a popular tradition to climb up a special climbing route called “Christmas Crack”. It is quite an easy climb that people do for fun. There are always lots of people waiting to do the climb and it’s nice to stand and talk with them and friends. We usually drink hot chocolate together and eat mince pies while we wait. After we have finished the climb, we go for a short walk with our friends.

Afterwards we drive home and the long day of cooking begins! My mother and I are vegetarian, so we don’t eat the usual Christmas turkey. In the past we have eaten mushroom and chestnut wellington or nut roast. It’s always delicious and we always eat it for a few days afterwards because there is so much! We usually eat our “dinner” at about 6pm (dinner is normally eaten in the afternoon, much earlier) and we watch the TV program Doctor Who. There is always a Christmas special and it’s fun to watch.

At the end of the day we are so tired and so full that we can’t do much more! We sit and play board games or sing together. My parents are divorced so it’s nice to have the family all together.

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Is your Christmas day different too? How do you celebrate?

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