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Tuesday, 5 November, 2013 - 12:09

November means Christmas!

by KatieP

Last week marked the start of the new month, November. In England Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night is an early November traditional celebration but as I'm no longer currently living in England, I have found that this tradition is non-existent this year. For me, the next major traditional celebration is Christmas. I know many people will disagree with this, but last night I watched my first Christmas film of the year! The Santa Clause is about a father and son who celebrate Christmas together and, due to the Dad making Santa fall off the roof, he has to step in as Father Christmas. I think Christmas films are nice to watch as they always have a happy ending and they get me excited for Christmas. "It's too early, it's too early," my mum replied after I told her what I was up to. But is it? Christmas is now fast approaching and I like to make the most of the festive season.

In many of the shops in Germany, advent calendars and Christmas decorations have been on sale since mid-October and now that all the Halloween items have been sold, Christmas is taking over. Personally, I love it. Christmas is by far my favourite time of year and I started my Christmas shopping in June as I like to pick things up as and when I see them, rather than leaving it all for one big last-minute late rush! I know I'm not alone in this, but most people I know are very against my excitement towards Christmas. My mum always says that she wishes she could just put the Christmas tree up on Christmas Eve, December 24th, one day before Christmas day and take it down again on Boxing Day, December 26th, the day after Christmas. I don't see any excitement in that, though.

I also believe that given how fast time is going, I feel Christmas will soon be upon us before we know it and I don't want to run out of time before I have watched all my favourite Christmas films and listened to my favourite Christmas songs. Christmas is not celebrated all over the world but I know there are many different traditions and holidays which are celebrated. One of my friends really loves Halloween so he began planning his Halloween costume in summer, which for me is totally bizarre but for him, it's only the same as me watching Christmas films now.

What do you think? Is it OK to begin celebrating early or is it me just getting carried away? What does November mean for you?

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What do you think about Katie getting excited about Christmas at the beginning of November? Is it too early?!

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Submitted by samoiset on Sun, 09/06/2020 - 17:00

what ever i do not celebrate Christamas it is not halal it is haram
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