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Wednesday, 20 May, 2015 - 16:44

Places to visit in and around Spain

by VictoriaK

1. Murcia
I have spent the last 8 months living in Murcia so I feel that I am obliged to put it as number one on my list. On my return from exploring other cities, I always feel like I'm returning home when I step foot in Murcia. The city centre is vibrant and has an incredible atmosphere all year round. Although the accent takes a little getting used to at first, you seen adjust to it and the lovely Murcian people make you feel right at home. Murcia is also home to some gorgeous beaches and amazing coastal views so it really does have the best of both worlds! 

2. Gibraltar
I visited Gibraltar during the Easter holidays and although beforehand I didn't know what to expect, I was blown away by the beauty of Gibraltar! From a short cable car ride up to the top of the rock you are met with magnificent views over the coast and not to mention the adorable monkeys which curiously come to greet you on your arrival. (Although make sure to hide all your food or they may get confused and think it's a gift for them!)

3. Granada
If you go to Granada, make sure that you visit the Alhambra, it's incredible and has some incredible views! The city itself is also gorgeous although I did find that it was very touristy, even out of season.

4. Valencia
Valencia is beautiful. It's as simple as that! The river area is so vibrant and full of life, all the way up to the science museum and beaches. However, I was a little confused by the fact that the river had long been filled in and turned into a park, yet people still referred to it as The River.

5. Morocco
Venturing out of Europe for the first time was definitely an experience to remember. The tremendous culture engulfs you as soon as you arrive and doesn't falter one bit throughout the whole stay. Going to Morocco, in my opinion, is an eye-opening experience which you will remember forever.

6. Alicante
I have spent many a weekend in Alicante, making the most of the beautiful beach in low season, before all the tourists arrive. However, now that it's May, each weekend the beach is becoming more and more cramped so I'd definitely recommend a visit in either September, October or April, just after or before the holiday season takes off.

7. La Isla de Tabarca
If you like quaint, rustic places then Tabarca is the place for you! It's just a small island neighbouring Alicante which is home to some amazing hidden beach hide-outs and restaurants. 

8. Almeria
The main thing which stands out to me about Almeria is the castle. It's beautiful and was the highlight of the whole trip.

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