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Monday, 9 March, 2015 - 15:29

Red Nose Day

by RosemaryM

To anyone who isn't British, the name of this day probably sounds a little strange. Red Nose Day is an event which takes place every other year. The aim of the day is to raise as much money as possible for Comic Relief, a charity which helps people in the UK and across Africa. This year, it will take place on Friday 13th March.

Across Britain, people are encouraged to do something "funny for money". This could be dyeing your hair red for the day, painting your face or getting involved in a wide range of fundraising events. Many schools hold cake sales or have a non-uniform day to raise money. There are also bigger events which you can participate in, such as 'Danceathon'. Over 2000 people took part in this six-hour dancing event, alongside several celebrity guests. Each participant was sponsored to take part and the money raised will be put towards projects run by Comic Relief. 

On Red Nose Day, there is a jam-packed evening of entertainment on TV. Lots of television programmes do a special version for Comic Relief, such as The Great Comic Relief Bake Off  (a celebrity version of the popular baking contest, The Great British Bake Off ) or The People's Strictly (an adaptation of Strictly Come Dancing, featuring members of the British public). 

For me, the best bit about Red Nose Day is wearing the red nose. New noses are designed each year and there is usually a theme - for example, one year the noses had a dinosaur theme. This year there are nine different noses - I'm feeling quite sad that I won't be able to buy one this year! Besides the traditional red nose, people can also buy a range of other products to support Comic Relief, such as umbrellas, mugs, T-shirts and pens.

Comic Relief works with both children and adults. In Africa, the charity works to improve the quality of life in local communities. It helps children to go to school, educates adults on the subject of HIV and AIDS and provides immunisations and vaccines against deadly illnesses such as malaria. In the UK, Comic Relief works closely with disabled and elderly people to ensure they have equal rights and have access to the facilities that they need.

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Have you ever heard of Red Nose Day? Are there any charity events like Red Nose Day in your country? 

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