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Wednesday, 17 January, 2018 - 10:11

Six things to do in Basel, Switzerland

by LydiaBlogger2017

Basel is often referred to as the cultural capital of Switzerland, but what exactly can you do in this Swiss city?

1. The Rhein

In the summer it is common for locals and tourists alike to go for a refreshing swim in the river which runs through this beautiful city. When autumn and winter come along, swimming is replaced by walks along the river banks. Although, I did see a very brave man take a dip in the dropping temperatures of late October, so anything is possible!

2. The museums

Basel has lots to offer in terms of museums, from the mechanical art in the Tinguely Museum to exploring the world of writing and printing in the Paper Museum, the skeletons and fossils of the Natural History Museum and discovering the city’s past in the History Museum.

3. The Old Town

This city still features a gorgeous old town with lots of cute cobbled streets, a bright red town hall and a stunning minster (cathedral). In contrast, the city also boasts Switzerland’s tallest building: the Roche tower.

4. The Herbstmesse (Autumn Fair) and Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market)

When autumn and winter roll around, so do the thrills of the Basler fairs and markets. This is the perfect time to taste Switzerland’s sweet treats like Mässmögge (sweets with a hazelnut filling) and admire the intricate handmade treasures which the many stalls offer. And if you’re feeling brave, why not soar to the top of Basel before dropping down onto the Messeplatz (Exhibition Square) through a giant silver hole? This is just one of the rides at the annual autumn fair.

5. Go on a hike

If you’re more of a nature fan, Basel-Landschaft (countryside) has many beautiful hiking trails to choose from. Think hills, forests and beautiful rivers. And of course you deserve a treat of Swiss chocolate afterwards!

6. Eat

You’re in Switzerland so don’t forget to let your taste buds experience the bubbling cheese fondue, toasty raclette and foamy Beggeschmutz or chocolate kisses! You won’t go hungry here.

Of course, the rest of Switzerland also has much to offer, and thanks to great rail services, it can all be yours within an hour or two. Greetings from Basel! Hope to see you here soon.

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