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Tuesday, 28 January, 2014 - 09:55

Snow in Germany

by KatieP

At home as soon as snow is forecast I'm always worried and dreading waking up to even a few centimetres of snow. In the UK snow can cause a lot of delays and disruption to public transport, school and shop opening hours and a simple walk somewhere turns into a nightmare for me.

This year as I am living in Germany I knew I needed to be ready for the snow. I bought myself some rather expensive but beautiful snow boots to keep my feet warm and also provide me with a bit of grip under my feet. I am unfortunately one of those people that you always see slipping over on the snow and ice and so I was dreading the snow this year as much as every other year.

Last Thursday I woke up early to head to work and saw that it had snowed, not much but a little and I deemed it acceptable to wear my snow boots. I managed to get to work easily, warmly and I didn't fall over once, which is actually a miracle for me! This week also started with even more snow and my boots have kept me going through.

The thing that I am most amazed with here in Germany is that the snow has caused little, if any disruption at all. I know that if I was at home in this weather schools would have been called off and you would be lucky to get a train running, let alone on time. However here in Hamburg schools are open as normal and are actually nice and toasty inside, buses and trains are still running and better yet, on time.

Many of the people here do not seem fazed by the snow at all. The huge winter snow boots have come out as well as hats, scarves and gloves in every form and people are just carrying on as if the snow isn't even here. I haven't even seen any snowmen yet! 

I'm glad I'm experiencing the snow here as it has showed me that it really isn't a big deal and as long as you are prepared for the snow, it doesn't have to turn life upside down for a few hours, days or weeks!


Do you like the snow? How does your country deal with snow?

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