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Friday, 8 August, 2014 - 10:14


by ReganS

I love the summer! There is nothing better than having an extended break from studying and a multitude of possibilities awaiting! During the summer I might work a bit, I will read a lot, and I will definitely try to travel. Travelling is undeniably an enriching past time, what with so many places in the world to explore, so many beaches to relax on and sights to see. However, vacations can be tough. There is so much to consider, such as time, cost, transport, destination etc. Unfortunately it is not possible for us to just pop to every appealing country and surround ourselves in the beauty and culture it has to offer, although I wish it were! That is why this year I will be treating myself to a staycation. But what exactly is a staycation?

As you can probably guess, the word 'staycation' mixes the verb 'stay' and the noun 'vacation'. This contemporary noun refers to a holiday spent in your hometown or your home country. A staycation might involve spending a few days in a different part of the country or even going on a few day-trips to places close to where you live. For example, whilst on my staycation here in the UK I will be exploring the south west region. Even though I live here, there are still so many fascinating places I am yet to discover. There is so much of the region's history on offer, so many museums and monuments, great places to find food and go shopping, beautiful, scenic sights, a whole host of summer activities and landmarks … basically everything I look for when discovering a new place! These are the places tourists journey to see. Plus, I am only a short train or bus ride away from it all.

The staycation is popular because of the many benefits it offers. Normally, it is cheaper than a vacation as you don't need to stay in hotels, fly or even travel very far. This is great as most of the time people go on holiday with their parents, siblings, other family members or friends. This can be very expensive for the people paying for the holiday. Secondly, they are a great way of discovering new places which were right under your nose! Also, the more people who staycation in their home country, the more tourism, therefore more money and job opportunities available to local businesses.

So next time you think of amazing places you want to visit, start by thinking of what is on your own doorstep. You will probably be pleasantly surprised!

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