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Tuesday, 25 February, 2014 - 14:10

Summer? In February?

by BridgetM

It’s a beautiful sunny day today so I’m making the most of it! It’s only February but because I’m from Scotland, this may well be the last time I see the sun until next year! Yes, I am being serious.

Scotland is famous for its horrible weather – always cold and rainy and just simply miserable! My hometown was actually once voted “The Wettest Place in Britain” and has flooded several times! Imagine living in the single wettest place of your entire country, how awful would that be? It’s no surprise all Scots are so pale and prone to sunburn, we’re just not used to that big, burning ball of fire in the sky!

Luckily though, I’m spending this year abroad! I’ve seen the sun more times this week than I have in my entire lifetime back home in Scotland, and I am not complaining! I adore the sunshine! I love the heat it gives out and how happy it makes me! I know it’s only February but it feels like the middle of summer! You simply can’t beat walking around town with no coat; instead you walk around with a smart pair of sunglasses, your favourite summer songs in your ear and your brightest smile stretching across your face!

Of course, by swapping the long sleeves for a lovely pair of sunglasses, you will be subject to gasps, double-takes and even straight-up staring from the locals, who stubbornly still wrap up in their woollen hats and scarves! Even in such gorgeous weather they dress for the season, not for the day! Well never mind them - so long as you are happy and feeling great in the sunshine, then carry on and let them stare! 


What's the weather like today where you live? Do you dress for the season or for the actual weather of the day?

Submitted by hermione123 on Fri, 06/18/2021 - 13:32

It's summer all day. But, sometimes there's rain. We don't wear thick clothes here. We wear t-shirts almost everyday. And flip flop too!
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