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Tuesday, 11 June, 2013 - 19:08

The secret to a perfect picnic

by Miranda Clark

Summer is here in the UK and it's therefore the perfect excuse to have a picnic outside and enjoy the sun and fresh air. I live in Edinburgh in Scotland near The Meadows, which is a great place to go and meet friends for lunch in the sun (yes, we do occasionally receive sunny weather in Scotland!) Many people play sports such as football, cricket, rugby or tennis nearby and some people even bring a guitar or some portable speakers and play some music. As you can imagine, the atmosphere is great!

In the UK, picnics are very common amongst students because then everyone can bring something small for the whole group to share, creating lots of variety at a very low cost. Yesterday I went for a lovely picnic with some friends and I brought some chopped carrots, pitta bread and houmous. This was really popular and everyone helped themselves! Other people brought lots of other food, such as potato salad, crisps, nuts and fruits like strawberries and grapes.

It is also very common to bring a disposable barbecue and eat grilled sausages or burgers or even, as we did yesterday, a vegetable kebab composed of peppers, tomatoes mushrooms and halloumi cheese! All you need to add is a nice summery drink, some friends and (hopefully) some nice weather and you've got yourself the perfect summery picnic!


Do you like to have picnics with your friends? What do you eat?

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