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Monday, 6 July, 2015 - 10:14

What is different in the UK?

by JohnR

Well I am now back home. It is quite surprising how very little has changed even after so long but there is still a lot of things get used to again! Here are a few things to watch out for when you move somewhere new or are returning home after a long time away:

1. Careful on the road!
The first thing that I did when I got out of the airport was to cross the road ... but I looked the wrong way! In the UK the cars drive on the left hand side of the road whereas in Spain they drive on the right. I almost got ran over because I was still thinking I was in Spain. You have to be very careful.

2. Careful on the road, part 2!
Here's another strange one from travelling on the road. In Mallorca, most of the time, pedestrians have the right of way. That means that they can cross the road by walking on the road without stopping and the car will stop for them. In the UK, however, you have to be careful to wait for the cars to stop or else you might end up in the hospital very quickly!

3. Drinking water.
In Spain, and especially in Mallorca, most people buy large bottles of water to drink. In the UK the filtering of the water means that you can drink straight from the tap. You can also ask for tap water to drink in bars and restaurants and you get it for free. On my first night back I forgot that I could drink water from the taps and spent the night wishing I had a bottle of water. When I woke up I realised how silly I had been. It saves money and is available 27/7.

4. Time is different.
It sounds quite crazy, doesn't it. It is true though, time is different here. In Spain there is a siesta, a small break during the day to have a nap and get energy for the rest of the day. You also might only think about going out for a drink with friends in Spain at 11pm. In the UK that is already passing bedtime! There is no siesta here. You get up early and are in bed before midnight.

It is so crazy to be home, so what are the special things about living in your country?

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Are there any special things about living in your country that people from other countries would find strange? 

Submitted by Ben (not verified) on Thu, 08/20/2015 - 09:47

In my country,if someone invite guests for dinner,he(or she) will pay for it.To some foreigners' surprise,our Chinese always beat others to it.In my opinion,it's a big difference between Chinese and the others countries' people.
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