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Wednesday, 17 September, 2014 - 18:01

What kind of photographer are you?

by EleanorC

Taking photographs has never been easier. Nowadays, we can take pictures using cameras, phones or tablets and upload them to social networks. We can edit them on the computer or even make photo albums on the internet. So what kind of photographer are you?

What do you use?
This summer, I took photos with a good camera that made really brilliant photos. They turned out really clear. When I am walking around though, I can also take quick pictures with my smartphone. The most recent phones can sometimes be just as good as a digital camera. Mine isn’t very up to date so the pictures can end up a bit blurry.

What’s your subject?
Do you prefer taking photos of people or pictures of pretty landscapes? I think it’s good to have a mixture of photographs, of both people and places. When I’m taking a picture of a spectacular view, I like to have a person in it too so I ask one of my friends or family to pose in front of it. Or I take a selfie!

What do you do with them?
Some people edit their photos on applications like Instagram, putting filters on them to make them look better. I just use my computer to make dark pictures brighter. Then I put them on my blog or on a social network to share my memories.

I am quite a casual photographer but it’s a skill that seems very interesting to develop. If I get the chance, I would like to get a better camera so I can take good photos wherever I go. 

Language level

Do you use a camera to take photos or do you use your mobile or tablet? What do you like to take photos of? 

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