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Igloofest: Montreal’s winter music festival

by CatherineBlogger

On Saturday, one of my friends asked me if I wanted to go to Igloofest with her. Igloofest is an electronic music festival that runs for three weekends during January and February in Montreal, Canada. Initially I was a little reluctant; it didn’t seem like my idea of fun to go and stand in sub-zero temperatures and listen to a genre of music that I didn’t enjoy.

I quickly talked myself into it, however, since I am eager not to have any regrets about failing to try new things whilst living abroad. The freezing winters in the Quebec province really need to be embraced. The season is beautiful and brings unique opportunities to take part in various winter activities, including Igloofest. Staying inside and watching television may seem like a more appealing option when the weather is -15 degrees Celsius or colder, but going outside for music festivals or sporting activities ends up being vital to break up the bitter winter and make the most of the season. 2017 is also a very special year in Montreal and in Canada, as Montreal is celebrating 375 years since its founding and Canada is remembering the 150th anniversary of its Confederation. Another reason why I’m keen to experience everything that the year has to offer!

So I put on my thermal clothing, layers of jumpers, a hat, scarf, gloves and my warm winter coat, and ventured out to Igloofest. I’m so glad I did! The cold was much less noticeable when I was dancing to the music with the rest of the vast crowd and with a hot mulled wine in my hand. The lights, snow and surroundings created a stunning setting to spend time with my friend and soak in the experience of life abroad. I still may not be a big fan of electronic music, but I am definitely a fan of new experiences!

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Does your city or country have a big music festival? Is there an event that you were initially reluctant to go to, but were happy when you did?

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